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Educational Immigration Step by Step Guide

First: Phone Consultation

Call SabaPlan Co. for phone consultation to get more information regarding immigrating matching your specific situation.

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Second: Getting In-Person Consultation

Get the experts consultation online or in-person in order to obtain detailed answers of your questions.

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Third: Make Your Decision

Get thorough and accurate information about your destination country and choose the best way to start your journey.

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Forth: Bid the Contract

Study the contract form and get to sign it in order to receive SabaPlan’s expert consultation.

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Fifth: Required Documents Preparation

Gather and prepare the requested documents (academic transcripts, English proficiency test report and etc.) by the destination university.

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Sixth: Getting University Admission

Our experts do their best in taking required actions to get your university acceptance.

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Seventh: Visa Application

Last but not least, we complete and send the clients visa application to the destination country’ embassy and tracking it down.

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مقالات مهاجرتی

آموزش راه های مختلف مهاجرت تحصیلی و مهاجرت سرمایه گذاری در کشور های مختلف

Get to know more about universities (Soon to be published)

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